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Love the Pet Beds

My kitties absolutely love this. I'm going to try to get another one, maybe see if I can commission a bigger one - I'm not sure yet. They're very sweet with each other and not fighting over it, but they definitely both love it when they're napping downstairs, one or both of them is always in this cuddle pod! And last but not least, I love my little mushroom crocheted roller holder. It protects my breather roller in my purse, but I also like carrying it on my wrist. Great job, ladies!

Jun 18 2023

I love the art

I love the art I got from Ana ‘n Shy, the stickers work really well on my phone and each one remind me of something dear to me. I will come back to order more!

Dec 08 2022

Fun Valentine’s Day Cards

My daughter attended Valentine’s Day workshop conducted by Ana ‘N Shy. She loved it. They are 2 very talented kids. Looking forward to the future workshops.

Swetha Chitrapu
Feb 10 2020

Excellent Soaps & Candles

Quality of Ana & Shy’s products are excellent. Have been using their hand made soaps & candles… highly recommend them.

Dec 06 2019

Awesome Custom Greeting Cards

Second year in a row, the holiday cards for my company have been custom crafted by the talented duo at Ana ‘N Shy. The creativity and attention to detail is amazing. Highly recommended!

Sumit Chawla
Dec 04 2019

As Good as a Boutique Store

We have used the girls’ homemade soaps for a few months now and it was as good as those we bought from the boutique stores – beautiful, fragrant and so much fun. We just got another soap this morning for a friend’s birthday (a slice chocolate cake soup that with a matching chocolate cake blank card) and it was a head-turner. Great gift! Sweet sister team. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for the holidays.

Suett Wong
Sep 29 2019

Creative & Talented Entrepreneurs

Shyla and Anaiya are very enterprising young girls who are extremely creative and talented. Their products are hand-made with lots of love and care. The soaps make for a great personalized gift for any personal or festive occasion. Buy the soaps and support two budding entrepreneurs at a young age.

Aravindan Vasudevan
Sep 23 2019

Birthday Cake Soaps

I ordered birthday cake soaps for the kids in my daughter’s class. Shyla & Anaiya explored different ideas and made samples to show me. The kids liked the soaps very much! I’m amazed by their good business sense and service at such a young age. For the coming holidays, I’ve ordered more soaps and cards.

Sally Kapler
Dec 01 2018

Great Personalized T-Shirts

My kids have been wanting to personalize their own t-shirts. None of the online t-shirt personalization website would have conversation with my 5 and 8 years old to understand their mindset to what they really wanted on the t-shirts. Shyla and Anaiya took time to understand my kids’ imaginations and put it on t-shirts. My kids loved all their personalized t-shirts. Shyla and Anaiya went back and forth to finalize the designs with two boys. Now, both of my kids make sure that they don’t get any stains on their new t-shirts. Being mom of two boys, not having stains on their t-shirts is a delight. Ana ‘N Shy has always been right on time to deliver her products as well as following up on how t-shirts were working out for my kids. They also offered to fix one of the letters which peeled off. This shows their dedication to customer satisfaction. Last but not least, I have recently started using products with least amount of packaging or compostable packaging. Shyla and Anaiya may not have realized it that they are helping environment by having to keep packaging which is reusable or compostable. Ana ‘N Shy products shows their exceptional craftsmanship. The products are created with a lot of attention to details. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to buy local, detail-oriented products. I will be returning to Ana ‘N Shy soon for my next order. Thank you Ana ‘N Shy.

Kalagee Shah
Nov 20 2018

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